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The Atlantis Fellowship offers immersive hospital shadowing rotations and ethical clinical exposure overseas.  

Admitted applicants also have access to volunteering, MCAT and AMCAS preparation resources, and research opportunities in the medical humanities.

If you are pursuing a medical career, apply to go abroad with us in winter, spring, or summer 2017. 

2016 placements ran out in March.

2017 placements may run out sooner

Prepare for Medical School. [Abroad]


"The trek into medicine can be an arduous undertaking. The distinctive experience offered by the Atlantis Project can serve to validate and invigorate your desire to enter the medical field. Both the medical and exploratory aspects of the Atlantis Project, if they were separate, would warrant an ardent pursuit. When combined, they create an opportunity unlike any other."

- George Bugarinovic, John Hopkins University '15


"Please, please, please consider this awesome experience because I can honestly say that this changed my life. I have never had so much fun while learning so much, and I formed friendships with doctors, fellows, and coordinators that will last a lifetime."

- Natasha Jackson, Syracuse University  '19


"Atlantis Project is an opportunity to be exposed to medicine before you actually begin practicing medicine firsthand. This program can help you decide if medicine is actually for you, or even reaffirm your decisions and be the boost you need to keep on following your dream."

- Sarah Rebey, Indiana University '17


2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

A Trusted Partner.

Since 2007, we have collaborated with international hospitals to enable shadowing opportunities for students from over 200 American universities. The Atlantis Project is leading the way for undergraduate international healthcare education.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

Life-Changing Global HealthCare Experience.

Atlantis Fellows grow in their understanding of healthcare and the medical vocation in general. Extensive observation of physician to patient interaction allows students to gain confidence in a hospital setting. In addition, Atlantis Fellows become more competitive for graduate admission via community volunteering, research opportunities, and medical school preparation resources. 

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

Explore The World with friends.

Outside the hospital, Atlantis Fellows engage with the culture of their host-site. From historic tours and group dinners to site-specific excursions like kayak trips and cathedral visits, you will share experiences with a group of Fellows as passionate about medicine as you.

Alumni Testimonials

"My experiences as a part of the Atlantis Project were the overwhelming majority of my AMCAS personal statement essay and heavily featured in other aspects of the application... Moreover, the chance to shadow physicians of multiple specialties, from multiple nationalities, and operating under a different healthcare system served to truly enhance my view of medicine. I was able to translate my experiences ... into answers to a wide-ranging array of prompts throughout the primary and secondary application processes, as well as during interviews."

- Nico Coleman, M.D. student at UCSF


"I have been hitting medical interviews hard since August and have yet to go through an interview without mentioning my Fellowship experience through the Atlantis Project in Albacete, Spain."

 - Ally Limmer, Rhodes College '16


"The Atlantis Project has been the most comprehensive clinical experience that I have had during my undergraduate career."

- Isabella Skovira, New York University '14

Atlantis Fellowship Testimonials

We look for students who are passionate about deepening their vocation for medicine and healthcare.