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The Atlantis Project Fellowship immerses pre-med and pre-health undergraduates in small hospitals in Europe. Successful applicants spend a few intense weeks observing the daily life of doctors in various specialties.

Video Above: 2014 Atlantis Fellows, Spain

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

A Trusted Partner.

Since 2007, we have collaborated with European hospitals to enable shadowing opportunities for students from over 100 American universities. Our Fellowship is America's leading Europe-focused healthcare program.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

Life-Changing HealthCare Experience.

Spend several weeks during university breaks shadowing European doctors in various specialties for 20+ hours per week. Learn about European healthcare and the medical vocation in general. In addition, Atlantis Fellows become more competitive for graduate admission via research, community volunteering, and teaching (location-dependent). Sound too good to be true? *Read our reviews here.*

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

Explore europe with friends.

Outside the hospital, Atlantis Fellows engage with the culture of their host-site. From vineyard tours and group dinners to kayak trips and cathedral visits, you will be sharing experiences with friends as passionate about healthcare as you.

"My experiences as a part of the Atlantis Project were the overwhelming majority of my AMCAS personal statement essay and heavily featured in other aspects of [my medical school] application as the social components I encountered in the hospital in Ponta Delgada were what lead to me embracing the medical journey. Moreover, the chance to shadow physicians of multiple specialties, from multiple nationalities, and operating under a different healthcare system served to truly enhance my view of medicine. I was able to translate my experiences on the island into answers to a wide-ranging array of prompts throughout the primary and secondary application processes, as well as during interviews."

- Nico Coleman, CSU-Long Beach, M.D. student at UCSF (top-three medical school), Atlantis Fellow 2013

"Physicians went above and beyond in answering my questions and ensuring I learned as much as I could." 

- Athena Kan, Harvard, 2015 Atlantis Fellow, Albacete, Spain

"The Atlantis Project has been the most comprehensive clinical experience that I have had during my undergraduate career."

- Isabella Skovira, NYU, 2013 Atlantis Fellow, Faial Island, Portugal

"Being an Atlantis Fellow allowed me to combine many of my interests - medicine, travel, service, and making new friends - into a single, unforgettable experience."

- Dean Balan, UNLV, 2015 AP Fellow, Cuenca, Spain


Use your university breaks wisely.


As the US healthcare system moves toward a more public model in the 21st-century, exposure to European hospitals, which are mostly government-run, is more valuable than ever for the rising American healthcare professional. Government involvement in healthcare has advantages and disadvantages, and all your professors and classmates have opinions. But how many of them have actually seen a public healthcare system from the inside? How well can they predict the consequences of the Affordable Healthcare Act in a medical school interview?

And the benefit of the Atlantis Project Fellowship is more than just understanding European healthcare—it is about understanding and deepening your vocation for healthcare in general. It’s about spending long hours observing doctors and healthcare professionals, all in a few jam-packed weeks that may change your perspective on healthcare forever.


"Throughout all my time spent working, volunteering and interning over the years, no experience compares to the Atlantis Project."

- Jessica Eker, New York University, 2014 Atlantis Fellow (Spain)

"I’d recommend the Atlantis Project to most anyone with the desire to expand their horizons in ALL directions – culturally, medically, linguistically, intellectually, and inter-personally."

- Alex Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013 Atlantis Fellow (Portugal)

2015 Atlantis Fellows, Ourense, Spain

2015 Atlantis Fellows, Ourense, Spain

2014 Atlantis Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain

2014 Atlantis Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain

Healthcare education is our expertise and primary focus, but the Atlantis Project Fellowship will also introduce you to the rich history, lively culture, and cuisine of Europe. 


Outside the hospital, Atlantis Fellows are challenged to dive deep into European culture. Every week, our local team and partners lead Fellows on hiking trips, historical tours, day-long excursions to world heritage sites, winery visits, and more. Our group dinners at area restaurants sample the best of local cuisine in all its flavors. And don't worry, it's not all structured. We give you free time to explore your city, shop, or head to the beach with friends. One thing is for sure: Atlantis Fellows have an intense, authentic international experience both inside and outside of the hospital.



But Don't Take Our Word for It.

"It's truly an incredible experience being surrounded by people who are also so passionate about medicine and the future that you want for yourself. I think it is for this reason you find that you have so much in common with the people in your program that you can have so much fun -- weekend trips, scheduled excursions, going to the pool. I would pack my bags for Albacete again in a heartbeat."

- Ally Limmer, Rhodes College, 2015 Atlantis Fellow, Albacete, Spain

Our program is built by people who care about you.


From the day you are accepted to the day you become a part of our lifelong alumni network, our team goes above the call of duty to make your experience with us as smooth and rewarding as possible. Like Serxio, a summer 2015 site coordinator in Ourense, Spain (see photo above), our USA and Europe teams are made up of people who love students, love travel, and love healthcare. We work overtime to make your Fellowship incredible. 



We look for students who are passionate about deepening their vocation for healthcare.

Placements are limited. Begin your application today.


Check out our YouTube Channel or the alumni highlights below.



Taking a break from hospital shadowing: vineyard excursion, Atlantis Fellows 2015, Toledo, Spain

Taking a break from hospital shadowing: vineyard excursion, Atlantis Fellows 2015, Toledo, Spain

"Wonderful from Beginning to End."

"The Atlantis Project was an incredible experience that I won't be able to sum up in a short review. ...From the hospital to group dinner to excursions on the weekend it was fast paced and wonderful from beginning to end. I have more than enough memories to last me forever and I would highly recommend this to any pre-health student who is interested in travel!"
Mallory, Auburn University, 2015 AP Fellow, Spain