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The Atlantis Project Fellowship is a challenging medical shadowing program.

A healthcare career requires significant effort, time, and financial investment, beginning at the undergraduate level. Successful candidates for the Atlantis Fellowship are able to witness the practice of medicine first-hand in a global setting, giving them a competitive edge in graduate school applications, domestic health related internships, and a broadened perspective on the medical vocation in general. Alternatively, the Atlantis Fellowship can save you time, stress, and money if you realize early-on that healthcare is not right for you. 

Wondering what a typical day is like?

See video below.

In the Hospital.

The core of your Fellowship experience is spending four days and 20+ hours per week in a local hospital shadowing various doctors. Time spent in the hospital may vary daily, depending on activity level of the hospital. Atlantis Fellows shadow doctors in a variety of different fields, and we encourage students to come for at least four weeks to have a well-rounded experience in different areas of the hospital. The Fellowship is observational-only (clinical skills are not practiced).

It is important to note that, unlike other global health experiences which send students to developing nations, the Atlantis Project sites are in the developed countries where the hospitals and healthcare practice standards are comparable to those of the United States. Though our Fellows often see more than they typically would in a United States hospital, they are expected to only do that which they would be permitted to do in the United States. The Atlantis Project is committed to adhering to AAMC guidelines for pre-health students participating in a clinical experience abroad. 

What Alumni Say.

“I’d recommend the Atlantis Project to most anyone with the desire to expand their horizons in all directions – culturally, medically, linguistically, intellectually, and inter-personally.”

- Alex Hill, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2013 Atlantis Fellow

Housing & Meals

Housing is included in the program fee. All Fellows are housed with other Atlantis Fellows from around the United States. Accommodations vary by site, but consist of a furnished single or double room, private or shared bathroom, and common spaces. Speak to your admissions representative about more housing details once you have received a placement.

A light breakfast is provided by the Atlantis Project every day of the week, as well as four excellent group meals at local restaurants. For most lunches, fellows buy and prepare their own food or stop in a local cafe for an inexpensive sandwich. We do our very best to accommodate special dietary needs for group meals, including students who cannot eat meat, gluten, or dairy. Still, be aware that special diets are more difficult to follow overseas. 

Transportation & Excursions

From the moment you arrive, we provide transportation for anything related directly to your Atlantis Project Fellowship. This includes in-country travel to and from the airport, daily transport to and from the hospital, and transport to all out-of-site AP excursions. Many of our fellows plan personal travel on weekends, which of course our program fee does not cover.

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing the cuisine, immersing yourself in the culture and history, and exploring the breath-taking natural beauty of the continent. The Atlantis Project incorporates all of these things in the program schedule. Depending on your location and program dates, excursions may include hiking, whale-watching, beach trips, attending local festivals, caving and canyoning, visiting historical sites and national parks, and more.  We recommend coming for four or more weeks in order to have a well-rounded experience, allowing you plenty of time to develop a rich appreciation for your site and the region. 

2015 AP Excursion Photos