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We love pre-med study abroad.

We equip the next generation of medical leaders to pursue their callings passionately. And we work around the clock to make your Atlantis Fellowship a rich educational experience.

You are the future of healthcare. And we couldn't be more excited to help you along the way.


David Gummel, Senior Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

David grew up in Springfield, Ohio and completed his undergrad in Business Entrepreneurship and Pre-Medical Studies at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. David plans to attend medical school in 2017 and has a passion for interacting with pre-med and pre-health students and helping them maximize the educational value of their Fellowship with the Atlantis Project.

Grace McLaurin

Grace McLaurin, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Grace McLaurin graduated from Covenant College with a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies. After traveling abroad to multiple parts of the world, Grace has gained a deeper appreciation for the diverse nature of culture and humanity. As an Admissions Coordinator with the Atlantis Project, Grace is able to strengthen her vision of connecting students with global opportunities and medical education. 


Leif Pilegaard, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Leif Pilegaard grew up in Galt, California until moving to Virginia for his undergraduate degree from Christendom College. Graduating with a degree in English Literature from Christendom he has studied and worked in several countries including Donegal, Ireland; Rome, Italy; and Lugano, Switzerland. As an Admissions Coordinator, Leif enjoys giving pre-med students the best opportunity to study and travel abroad. 

Sam Johns

Sam Johns, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Setnor School of Music. Since graduation, Sam has been working closely with university students from Syracuse and is passionate about helping students find a clear path for their future. As an Admissions Coordinator, Sam Johns is responsible for student engagement and support throughout the application process.

Nicole Abdullah

Nicole Abdullah, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Nicole earned Bachelor degrees in Spanish and Media Studies from the University of Virginia. During her time as an undergraduate, she spent a semester in Valencia, Spain, where she gained a total cultural immersion under local university professors. Nicole is passionate about the Atlantis Project because she believes that an education abroad is essential to future medical professionals in our increasingly global medical community. As an Admissions Coordinator, Nicole manages student involvement with the Atlantis Project. 

Mary Bains

Mary Bains, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Mary first moved to the Washington D.C. area after graduating with honors from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in sustainability. As an Admissions Coordinator, Mary is passionate about the opportunities that the Atlantis Project creates for students to broaden their horizons medically and culturally, enabling them to better discern what their medical futures might hold. 

Jack Beatty

Jack Beatty, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Jack graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Physics, and he is passionate about helping people in anyway possible. In the future, he is hoping to pursue a career as a Medical Physicist. Jack is a lifelong inhabitant of the Washington, D.C. area, and he is incredibly passionate about language and international travel. He is currently studying French and Lithuanian, and he hopes to be able to speak 6+ languages by the end of his life. He loves the positive impact his daily work gives to his students. 

Grace Coman

Grace Coman, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Grace graduated from American University, located in Washington, D.C., with a B.A. in International Services. Outside of work, she is passionate about helping teenagers thrive and is an active volunteer in the Washington DC community through Young Life. As an Admissions Coordinator, Grace is passionate about enabling students seek a greater understanding of other cultures through their natural gifts and is excited about connecting talented and enthusiastic premed students to health on a global scale. 

Elizabeth Manley

Elizabeth Manley, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

A proud native of West Virginia, Elizabeth graduated from Grove City College with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a desire to see more of the world. Her travels to China, France, and the Dominican Republic during her time in college deepened her love of other cultures and exploring new places. Elizabeth joined the Atlantis Project team because of her passion for higher education and its ability to empower individuals. As an Admissions Coordinator, Elizabeth loves working with students and learning why they are excited to help others through a career in healthcare. 

Emanuel Grant

Emanuel Grant, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Emanuel loves medicine. It is the reason why he is headed to medical school in the fall of 2017 and the reason why he is working at the Atlantis Project. After graduating from the University of Virginia with Distinction, Emanuel worked abroad in Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, and now in Washington DC. He currently works as an Admissions Coordinator, writes for the Atlantis Project’s blog, and does part-time MCAT instruction on the side. If any Atlantis Fellows have any pre-med questions, he can get them answered.


Ellie Groenendyk, Promotion Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

As a Promotion Coordinator, Ellie Groenendyk is responsible for offline marketing and promotions for the Atlantis Project.  She earned her degree in Spanish and a minor in Business from Covenant College.  As part of her undergrad program, she spent a semester in Seville, Spain. During this time, Ellie experienced deep personal and educational growth through learning another culture.  She loves that the Atlantis Project provides the opportunity for students to experience another part of the world and to grow their callings in the global medical world.                             


David Saavedra, Director of European Programs, Spain   

David has traveled extensively across Europe and Africa, and before joining the Atlantis Project he held a post in the Spanish government in trade and economic cooperation. David works with our hospital partners and also manages ground programs, working with our site coordinators to ensure that Fellows have a rich educational experience inside the hospital and outside.  


Noah Walker, Senior Coordinator - Program Development, Washington D.C.

Noah Walker connects and establishes international Atlantis Project partnerships around the world as one of our Hospital Partnerships Coordinators and also assists with company operations and strategy. A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Noah first moved to the Washington, DC-area after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Grove City College with a B.S. in Finance.  He began his career at a D.C. finance & technology start-up that closed a $4.5 million Series A Investment Round. He then joined the Atlantis Project team because, in the words of a beloved mentor; "Faith shapes vocation; vocation shapes culture."  He currently enjoys tackling a wide variety of projects alongside the incredible AP team.


Hannah Copeland, Senior Coordinator - Program DevelopmentWashington, D.C.

As a Senior Coordinator for Program Development, Hannah Copeland is responsible for developing international partnerships and growing the Atlantis Project's global network. An alumna of Covenant College, Hannah Copeland graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Economics & Community Development.  Soon after graduating from college, Hannah moved abroad to work in student affairs with international students in Barcelona, Spain.  By working with the Atlantis Project, Hannah is able to bring together her passion for cultural exchange and interest in health economics by connecting students and medical professionals across global healthcare systems.


Pablo Quevedo, International Operations Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Pablo Quevedo began working as an International Operations Coordinator  soon after ranking first in Spain's PROEXCA Postgraduate International Business Program.  Pablo is a native of the Spanish Canary Islands where he graduated from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a B.S. in Economics. As an English, French, Italian, and native Spanish speaker he has travelled extensively and lived abroad in Milan, Italy and now in Washington, D.C.   Pablo is excited to help enrich AP Fellows' learning experience abroad by connecting them with international networks.


Daniel Romero, International Operations Coordinator, Washington, D.C.

Daniel Romero is from the Canary Islands (Spain). He studied for his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Complutense University of Madrid.  After obtaining a Masters in International Business he joined the Atlantis Project team in Washington, D.C. as an International Operations Coordinator.  Daniel is proud to be a part of creating opportunities for international students to observe Europe's healthcare system.


Eike Gundersen, Director of Institutional Relations, 
Washington, D.C.

Eike was born and raised in Northern Germany, and studied American Studies, Spanish, and Economics at the University of Texas at Austin and Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen. After obtaining her M.A. she worked at US Embassies and Consulates in Frankfurt, Kiev/Ukraine and at the US-Norway Fulbright Foundation in Oslo/Norway. For over a decade she has worked in the field of international education, establishing partnerships between European and US universities, facilitating student exchanges and promoting study abroad and internship programs to US and international students. Eike is excited to introduce the unique experiential learning opportunities of the Atlantis Project to universities and students all across the United States.


Lawson Kuehnert, Director of Operations, Washington, D.C.

Lawson graduated with Honors in History & Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a Rhodes Scholarship finalist. He is passionate about international education and has lived and studied abroad in Europe and western China. Lawson's primary concern is increasing the educational value of the Atlantis Fellowship and is excited to see the impact that the Fellowship has on future American healthcare professionals.


Katie Toste, Academic Director, Washington, D.C. 

Katie is currently a PhD student in Ethics at Emory University, where she does work with bioethics. Having participated in two 5-week summer abroad programs as an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill (B.A. in Mathematics and Economics), she joined the Atlantis Project team as Academic Director while pursuing a Masters from Yale University in Ethics. Having had a wonderful experience herself, Katie is convinced of the great impact that abroad experiences can have in students’ lives.


Will Sickenberger, Director of Admissions, Washington, D.C.

Will is a native of the Washington D.C. area and looks for any opportunity to enhance the international medical community. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he began working with the Atlantis Project to offer students the chance to gain insightful perspectives of the medical system in different countries. Will is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and an avid endurance athlete.


Chris Seo, Senior Promotion & Scholarships Coordinator, Washington, D.C. 

Chris graduated from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia with a B.S. in Economics and has spent significant time abroad in Mexico, Kenya, and Uganda. Having the majority of his education and abroad experience funded through scholarships, he is passionate about connecting the pre-med community to the opportunities and scholarships available at the Atlantis Project. 


João Toste, Founder & Director, Washington, D.C. 

João is a graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and a candidate at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. A native of the Azores Islands in Portugal, João founded the Atlantis Project in 2007 as a European Fellowship program for American undergraduate students. João and his wife have a two-year old son and a newborn daughter.

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