Atlantis Project Partners with AHEPA (Athens Chapter HJ1)

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The Atlantis Project is an intensive American shadow abroad program for those pursuing a career in medicine. We operate over winter and summer breaks in Europe and South America. Through this partnership, AHEPA members qualify for a 10% discount on the program fee



Medicine is a vocation. In order to more fully understand that vocation students should be exposed to the practice of medicine as often as possible. By participating in an Atlantis Fellowship, students spend 20+ hours per week shadowing doctors in multiple specialties in hospitals abroad. This high level of medical exposure affords students the opportunity to view medicine in action and guides them in their decision to continue to pursue medicine as a vocation.


better prepare for your medical career.

Medical schools naturally prefer to accept students who have demonstrated a devotion to the medical field as well as an understanding of what life as a physician entails. One of the best ways that students can demonstrate this devotion and understanding is to shadow doctors. This experience better prepares students for the medical profession, helping them to become the best doctors they can be.



Atlantis Fellows live and learn in new locations, growing in their understanding of other cultures. Through experiencing the differences between healthcare systems, Fellows clarify the essential elements of medicine and the physician’s role. In their time on the program, they also continue to build an international network of future and current medical leaders. 

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