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Atlantis MCAT


Program Overview

The Atlantis MCAT Fellowship is designed for pre-med students who need intensive MCAT prep.  Why study in the United States when you can travel, focus, and prep abroad? On our 4-week program you will receive over 80 hours of tailored prep. If you need deeper preparation, we suggest considering the 8-week program, which will include more content review, more 1-1 tutoring hours, and over 160 total hours of tailored MCAT instruction in a small group setting. You will also have the opportunity to shadow doctors on this program in one of our partner hospitals, public or private, in Europe or South America. 

When: we have start dates at regular intervals between May 13 and August 5 for summer placements. Program lengths are 4 or 8 weeks. 

Where: Global locations vary in Europe and South America. Certain site and date options are more competitive. 

How do I apply? You can apply for the MCAT program on our main application page here

Language Skills: not required, although preferred in some sites.

What's included.

Pre-med Advising: A core part of our program is providing world-class advising and resources to our students before, during, and up to two years after your program. Our Washington, D.C. team and your on-program staff are picked to provide top quality one-on-one and group advising. 

Arranged Housing: we arrange your program housing and you will live with other students on your program. Housing varies depending on availability, but usually you will share a room with one or two Fellows in a university dorm, hostel, or hotel.

Some Group Meals. We provide two group dinners per week (usually Monday and Wednesday), light breakfast, and a lunch on your excursion day.

Excursions. Our international team will coordinate a number of exciting excursions, usually on Fridays, to nearby areas. 

24/7 Staff Support: our trained international team is available 24/7 to help you in your city.

Travel Health Insurance: We provide travel health insurance to help cover any medical expenses you incur abroad.

MCAT Prep: our proprietary curriculum is developed by a team of M.D. candidates in Washington D.C. using leading learning and test-prep methodologies. Your program will include extensive content review, 1-1 tutoring, practice tests, and follow-up resources. 

Hospital placement: we will arrange your hospital program. Specialty options vary by location and you will usually be shadowing one-to-one with a doctor or in pairs with another Fellow. Observing surgical procedures is not guaranteed. You will have the option before your program to choose your leading preferences for specialties in your hospital, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to see your preferred specialties. 

Arrival/Departure: we do not do airport pickup in most locations. However, our programs team in Washington, D.C. will thoroughly prepare you for the logistics of planning your travel logistics.

Airfare: not included, although we give you tips on cheap flights.

Program Fee.

For accepted applicants, the one-time enrollment fee for the Atlantis Clinical Fellowship is $900 USD. This fee reserves your spot and your housing. It is nonrefundable. The separate program fee ranges from $5,040 to $8,040 depending on length of program. For funding and scholarship help, please view this page and talk to our Admissions team after applying.