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Top 5 Pre-med Blogs

The life of a pre-med student can be hard. If you’ve ever dropped your entire stack of anatomy flashcards in the street, spent your Friday night in the library, or almost slept through that 7 am chemistry final, you know what I mean when I say that pre-med life can feel about as dangerous as a recycling bin in an episode of America’s Funniest Videos.


While I may not be around to rescue you from the jaws of MCAT madness and studying stress, I am here to offer you encouragement and inspiration. To remind you that there are other people out there with aspirations as lofty as yours and the dedication to fulfill those goals, I’ve compiled a list of the most thought-provoking and fun medical blogs for your enjoyment:

     1. Aspiring Docs Diaries

This blog is published by the AAMC and features posts from a variety of bloggers. The blog posts are divided into different categories based on their focus: Pre-med, Med School, Residents, Resilience, Motivation and Patient Interaction. If you’re looking for concrete pre-med advice and tips for how to stay focused, as well as inspiring stories and testimonies from doctors and other health professionals, check out this blog.

One of my favorite posts on the site is How Shadowing Pulled Me Into Medicine. Through simple yet effective storytelling, the author uses a personal experience to educate his readers and enlighten them about the benefits of medical shadowing.

     2. KevinMD

Looking for something a little more meaty? This blog, published by Dr. Kevin Pho, explores topics such as health care policy, patient experiences, and medical ethics. The blog features articles written by the author himself, as well as other doctors and health professionals. The site offers a mosaic of perspectives on issues that are relevant to pre-med and medical students.

An example of this blog’s provocative nature is the first-person Daily Life with Chronic Illness, which narrates a day in the life of a patient suffering from chronic pain.

     3. A Doctor In the House

Started originally as a medical school blog, this site was created by Andrea Tooley, now a resident physician at Mayo Clinic. Covering topics such as food, fitness, medical school and resident life, Dr. Tooley discusses the health professional life from a highly personal perspective. Her blog’s tagline: “Eat well. Sweat often. Keep learning.”

Dr. Tooley writes with a relatable and conversational tone and often includes photos, recipes, and workout tips in her blog posts. This blog highlights the everyday life of a doctor and offers an uplifting glimpse into the rewarding and sometimes joyful work of being a doctor. It’s full of practical life advice and is accompanied by a video series on YouTube.

One of Dr. Tooley’s most relatable posts is How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship in Medical School.

     4. PreMed Life:

This blog is specifically catered to pre-med college students and offers valuable advice on how to study in college, prepare for medical school, complete med school applications, and stay organized as a pre-med student. This site also includes a digital magazine and a resources tab with information on post-baccalaureate pre-med programs, writing personal statements, and studying for the MCAT. As an added bonus, this website offers generic advice to undergraduate students (not limited to pre-med students) on how to stay organized and focused during college.

How to Make Your Second Year As Successful As Your First Year is a great post, as it provides practical ways to excel in college as a pre-med student.

Jack, Paco, Vaida Excursion.jpg

     5. A Little Bit of Lacquer

This blog is my personal favorite. Laura documents not only her life in medical school and residency but also her interests outside of medicine and science. As a woman of well-rounded interests, she dedicates a significant portion of her blog to writing about art, travel, food, fashion, and family life. The reason I love this blog? It allows pre-med students to see that it is in fact possible to have a full life while in medical school. Laura also offers helpful practical tips, including her favorite organizing app, her preferred method for scheduling, and ways to multitask effectively.

One of my favorite posts on this blog is A Day In the Life of a Harvard Med Student. In this post, Laura breaks down her daily schedule for readers, helping us understand the logistics of a busy yet organized lifestyle.

The next time you're feeling in need of a pre-med pick-me-up, check out these blogs and motivate yourself to keep following your medical dreams!

About Julia Decelles-Zwerneman:

Julia graduated with high distinction from the University of Virginia with Bachelors degrees in biology and music. Through her time spent working at a Spanish health clinic in Washington, D.C., she developed a passion for service and reinforced her desire to pursue a career in medicine. As a promotion coordinator with the Atlantis Project, Julia is excited to help other pre-med students discover a love for medicine and grow in their understanding of the field.