Your Mission

Atlantis Ambassadors are passionate about the Atlantis Project and the ways it is equipping the next generation of medical leaders. They are responsible for sharing the AP with their peers, raising awareness about the opportunity on campus, and building belief in the value that the AP provides to undergraduates. The goals of the Atlantis Ambassador program are to reach new students, build excitement around Atlantis Fellowships, and to be an on campus resource for students interested in applying. 


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Represent the AP in an accurate and professional manner
  • Share the core values of the Atlantis Project: integrity, academic excellence, and service
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Involved in relevant student organizations and activities
  • Leadership experience preferred
  • Goal-oriented and self-motivated
  • Ability to work independently and creatively
  • Great at networking and mingling (preferred, but not required)
  • Charismatic and outgoing personality (preferred, but not required)


  1. Be the voice and representative of the AP at your University.
  2. Develop and Execute campaigns to spread the word about the AP on your campus (we will help you with this!). 
  3. Create and Identify partnership opportunities on campus (relevant student clubs, health advisers, professors, etc.).
  4. Provide feedback to the Washington DC HQ and help develop the ambassador program.


Flexible schedule

The life of an aspiring health professional is incredibly busy. Whether you work two hours a week or ten hours a week, determine your own schedule and earn when it is convenient for you.

Results-oriented compensation

  • Pre-med students  have less time than the average undergraduate student.
  • We trust that you are effectively managing your time between many responsibilities and reward you based on results achieved.
  • For your first two hours of training we will walk through your campus promotion strategy & compensate you $50 for your time.
  • After that, earn $50 per admitted applicant. 

Valuable work experience

You'll work closely with the Atlantis Project HQ in Washington DC. Along the way you'll gain valuable work experience as you develop a strategy for spreading the word about the AP. Your title for this role is “Campus Recruiting Coordinator at [Your University]” and can be used to build your resume/LinkedIn profile.  


What if my university is really small?

If your university is small, or the pre-med/health program on campus has less than 20 students enrolled, then we encourage you to think if there might be other universities in your area, within a 15-30 minute drive, where you could promote. We’ll be glad to help cover your gas costs if there is a great place to promote nearby.  

How often do I get paid? 

We plan to make monthly payments at the end of each month!

What do you mean by "admitted applicant"?

Students are considered an "admitted applicant"  after they submit an application for an Atlantis Fellowship, interview with a member of our admissions team, and are offered a placement for one of our winter, spring, or summer Fellowships.

How will I track my progress and how will you know who I referred?

This will be covered during your first two hours of training!

Am I considered an Atlantis Project employee?

No, you would be considered a contractor. Any necessary tax documents will be sent to you at the appropriate time!

Can I do the Atlantis Project again as an alumni in the same or different location? 

Absolutely! Just contact our team and we will make a special placement process for you.