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The Atlantis Project Fellowship immerses pre-med and pre-health undergraduates in small hospitals in Europe. Successful applicants spend a few intense weeks observing the daily life of doctors in various specialties.

A Day In The Life

"The exposure I received through the Atlantis Project showed me I wanted to be a doctor. It represented for me an occupation that balanced the competency of knowledge-based learning with the compassion associated with a social, patient-centered daily schedule. From the AP, I went on to pursue an internship at University of California, Davis School of Medicine and worked to incorporate for physiology-based classes into my undergraduate coursework.

Now at UCSF, I cannot say that I have a specific specialty that I have chosen for my life's work. I can say that I am looking into primary care because of my enjoyment shadowing in that environment and because I could be in a position to do a lot of good in the medically-underserved areas of Central California. "

- Nico Coleman, M.D. student at UCSF (top-three medical school), 2013 Atlantis Fellow

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Hospital Shadowing Specialties

"I have been hitting medical interviews hard since August and have yet to go through an interview without mentioning my Fellowship experience through the Atlantis Project in Albacete, Spain...What continues to amaze me is the practical, useful experience I gained from flying across the Atlantic. Not only have I made connections with multiple interviewers who happen to be from Europe and even Spain specifically, but I now have the perfect answer to the question that most candidates dread: the healthcare-judgment question.”

- Ally Limmer, Rhodes College, 2015 Atlantis Fellow

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Student Reviews

"The Atlantis Project was an incredible experience that I won't be able to sum up in a short review. The coordinators were wonderful and always there to help, but we were given lots of freedom so I felt fully immersed in the Spanish culture. I was able to see 8 different specialties during my 4 weeks in Ourense, Spain. ...From the hospital to group dinner to excursions on the weekend it was fast paced and wonderful from beginning to end. My communication and language skills improved as well as becoming good friends with other students from the U.S.! I made some great connections with physicians and healthcare professionals in the hospital, and I feel that I have a better view of healthcare specialties and public health. I was able to see a place in Spain that I would normally have never heard of or seen. I have more than enough memories to last me forever and I would highly recommend this to any pre-health student who is interested in travel!"

Mallory Denham, Auburn University, 2015 Atlantis Fellow

"Physicians went above and beyond in answering my questions and ensuring I learned as much as I could." 

- Athena Kan, Harvard, 2015 Atlantis Fellow

"The Atlantis Project has been the most comprehensive clinical experience that I have had during my undergraduate career."

- Isabella Skovira, NYU, 2013 Atlantis Fellow

"Being an Atlantis Fellow allowed me to combine many of my interests - medicine, travel, service, and making new friends - into a single, unforgettable experience."

- Dean Balan, UNLV, 2015 Atlantis Fellow


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