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Winter & Summer 

The Atlantis Fellowship is 1-8 weeks, during winter, spring & summer university breaks.

Winter 2016

Fees (all in USD)


1-week = 1199 + 800 deposit

1.5-week =  1399 + 800 deposit

2-week = 1999 + 800 deposit

2.5-week = 2499 + 800 deposit

3.5-week = 3199 + 800 deposit



December 27 - January 7 | 1.5 week program

December 27 - January 14 | 2.5 week program

December 27 - January 21 | 3.5 week program

January 3 - January 14 | 1.5 week program

January 3 - January 21 | 2.5 week program

January 7 - January 14 | 1 week program

January 7 - January 21 | 2 week program

Summer 2017

Fees (all in USD)


3-week = 3199 + 800 deposit

4-week = 3899 + 800 deposit

4-week (MCAT)** = 4999 + 800 deposit

5-week = 4799 + 800 deposit

6-week = 5699 + 800 deposit

8-week = 6999 + 800 deposit

*a few Atlantis locations have a $99/wk additional fee due to program costs 

**The Atlantis Project MCAT Fellowship includes intensive  group MCAT instruction on site as well as MCAT prep materials.  Shadowing hours are reduced for the MCAT Fellowship.  


Accepted applicants will be placed in 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8-week programs.

Program Start Dates

May 14

June 4

June 11

June 18

June 25

July 9

July 16

July 23

August 6

What do Fellowship fees include?

  • Professional staff support in host site
  • Travel health insurance through HTH Worldwide
  • Housing accommodation (varies by site, always double rooms) 
  • Local staff travel support (airport pickup in some locations, but not all)
  • Dedicated pre-trip support from our Washington, D.C.-based team
  • Planned meals: weekday breakfasts + three or more group meals per week
  • One half-day or full-day group excursion weekly (includes meal)
  • On-site transport (to and from hospital, excursions and planned meals)
  • Local non-smart phone (for calls in-country only)
  • Orientation and arrival package
  • Hospital placement coordination

Low Cost Flights

Although travel sites like Orbitz or Kayak can help Fellows searching for flights, don’t be discouraged if their prices seem too expensive. These sites often list more expensive fares than what our Fellows are able to typically pay.

One helpful strategy to find cheap flights is to look for tickets with a layover (with plenty of time to avoid missing a leg) for both departing and arriving flights. Also, most popular aggregators like Orbitz or Kayak do not show low cost carriers like Ryanair or Easyjet, which offer cheap flights throughout Europe. We recommend sites like or, which may offer cheaper ticket options than Orbitz or Kayak. 

As with any part of our programs, our admissions and site coordinators are here to help you coordinate every step of the way. Should you have any questions regarding booking flights or cheaper fares, feel free to reach out to our team, and we'll help you in any way we can.

"My experience in Spain with the Atlantis Project further instilled within me the importance of studying medicine cross-culturally. I'm glad I got to learn medicine from a different perspective from the doctors I got to shadow, but at the same time exchange with them how my aspirations to become a physician is intertwined with my identity as a first-generation, low-income minority in the U.S. "

- Gabriel Reyes, Brown University


"Atlantis Project is a truly exceptional pre-medical internship program that offers a comprehensive global healthcare experience! During my internship in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, I met some of the most compassionate healthcare professionals who were so excited to not only educate us but also to get to know us. Their love for medicine has further reaffirmed my decision to devote my life to serving in the medical field. "

- Woojung Kim, Texas A&M University


Explanation of Fellowship fees.

The Atlantis Fellowship fees are used for two different costs. About 50% of your fees go toward long-term staff, program development, and promotion. The other 50% go towards on-site program logistics costs, including on-site staff, housing, transportation expenses, meals and excursions.  

We understand that the Fellowship is a significant investment, but we believe it is worth the program fee. We also help you fund the Fellowship through fundraising tools and, in some cases, merit-based scholarships. Please note that we do not charge an application fee. If you are accepted, an $800 non-refundable down-payment of your program fee (shown below as "$800 deposit") will be required to reserve your placement.

Learn More about Funding an Atlantis Fellowship: