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The Atlantis Fellowship:

Prepares students for medical school admissions. Admission to medical school is notoriously competitive. As a result, a robust application is necessary for pre-med students who want to be admitted to more schools, garner better scholarships, and eventually secure the residencies and careers of their dreams. By offering pre-med students access to volunteering and MCAT and AMCAS preparation resources, the Atlantis Fellowship can help students bolster their medical school applications.

Offers intensive shadowing. While essential for pre-med students, shadowing in the US is difficult to arrange. An Atlantis Fellowship offers students the opportunity to shadow 20 hours per week. Additionally, by allowing students to rotate specialties, the Fellowship exposes students to a variety of different medical fields.

Is a global experience. An Atlantis Fellowship affords pre-med students a broadened perspective as future physicians by deepening their understanding of healthcare in a global context. Additionally, Atlantis Fellowships are offered in host countries where government has a greater role in healthcare.

Runs during university breaks. Since they are scheduled to take place during university breaks, Atlantis Fellowships allow pre-med students to gain a global experience without missing important pre-req classes.

Helps students decide if medicine is the right path. Most pre-med students have not spent significant time in a hospital setting and therefore have not been exposed to the everyday life of a practicing physician. An Atlantis Fellowship gives students the opportunity to see what medical life looks like before committing to years of education and a career in medicine.

Typical Day

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In the Hospital

The core of your Fellowship experience is spent at a global hospital shadowing various doctors in a variety of fields. Time spent in the hospital may vary daily, but our Fellows typically spend twenty hours or more per week, depending on the activity level of the hospital. We encourage students to come for at least four weeks to have a well-rounded experience in the different areas of the hospital.

It is important to note that, unlike other global healthcare experiences, Atlantis Fellowships are in developed countries where hospitals and healthcare practice standards are comparable to those of the United States. Fellows often have the opportunity to observe more specialties than they would in the United States. The Atlantis Project is firmly committed to adhering to the AAMC guidelines for pre-health students participating in a clinical experience abroad, and thus are strictly limited to observation-only assistance.

Housing & Meals

Housing is provided for students and accommodation varies widely by location and availability. In the past, students have stayed in university dorms, local hotels or apartments. Fellows should expect to share a double-room with another student of the same gender. Specific details about your housing location will usually not be determined until a month before your program start date.

A light breakfast is provided by the Atlantis Project every day of the week, as well as two group dinners at local restaurants during the week. For most lunches, students buy and prepare their own food or stop in a local cafe. We cannot always accommodate special dietary needs for your group meals, and in general special diets are more difficult to follow overseas. 

Transportation & Excursions

The Atlantis Fellowship provides transportation for certain aspects of the program, including daily transport to and from the hospital and transport to all out-of-site Atlantis Fellowship excursions, with some exceptions. Many of our Fellows plan personal travel on weekends, which our program fee does not cover.

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing the cuisine, immersing yourself in the culture and history and exploring the breath-taking natural beauty of your host country. The Atlantis Fellowship incorporates all of these things into the program schedule. Depending on your location and program dates, excursions may include hiking, beach trips, attending local festivals, visiting historical sites, national parks and more!

What Alumni Say


"The Atlantis Project truly is a life changing experience. Honestly, words can't describe how much you learn from the doctors. Not only factual information and the science behind procedures, but how they give care to their patients." 

- Arsalan Ali, University of Texas at Austin

"The Atlantis Project provides an extraordinary opportunity because it provides a variety of valuable experiences in a healthcare setting, a network in the healthcare field and one-on-one career advising. The doctors that teach you are extremely thoughtful, even if it's making sure you understand the patient guidelines or just further explain medical terminology."

- Ashley Tejeda, University of California, Merced


Excursion Photos

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