MCAT Prep [Abroad]

3 Reasons: Why Studying the MCAT Abroad is Better

Get Clinical Experience Too (Shadowing)
On our MCAT program, you also get 3 days/week of clinical experience in an Italian hospital. As a pre-med student, it's difficult to study abroad. So naturally a student who has an international medical focus on their resume will stand out to med school admissions committees.
Focused MCAT Prep
In the United States, you can study for the MCAT but you will be more distracted. Doing prep abroad helps you stay focused.
Peer and Doctor Network
Not only will you prep for a great MCAT, but you will also build lasting friendships + professional relationships with pre-meds from other schools. Also, build long-lasting professional links to doctors and hospitals abroad.
Interested? We will email you a link to apply.