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Merit Scholar Profiles: George Bugarinovic



Toledo, Spain - Spring 2016

current education:

Medical student at Harvard Medical School


Johns Hopkins class of 2015


Public Health, Natural Sciences


Graduated with University Honors, elected into Delta Omega National Public Health Honor Society, Robert H. Scott Award, Dean of Student Life Award: Christopher B. Elser Award, Dean of Student Life Award: JHU Class of 1979 Scholarship

extracurricular activities:

Varsity basketball, Stowers Institute for Medical Research assistant, University of Kansas Molecular Biology Research Assistant, medical interpreter, volunteer at the Maryland School for the Blind

how is the atlantis project unique?

The Atlantis Project unites clinical observation, volunteering opportunity, and international exploration into a single entity.

describe the atlantis project in three words:

Exploratory. Insightful. Galvanizing.

What was your favorite experience as an Atlantis Fellow?

The entire package: spending time with students with similar goals, learning from physicians in a significantly different healthcare system, and soaking in a brand new culture along the way. 

what was the most meaningful aspect of your time shadowing?

The most meaningful and memorable aspect of my time shadowing in Toledo had to do with an especially close bond I developed with a physician in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She cared about my learning as much or more than any doctor I had previously worked with. To this day, I remember the clinical expertise and interpersonal aptitude she conveyed. 

How has the atlantis project helped equip you for the future?

I believe that highlighting the AP experience significantly bolstered my candidacy and helped lead to numerous eventual [medical school] acceptances I was fortunate enough to receive. 

Having been through the entire application process, I can now confidently say that the Atlantis Project experience would have been a tremendous asset throughout the cycle. Whether it was juxtaposing different healthcare models, witnessing a captivating medical procedure, meeting an extraordinary physician, or being deeply moved by a patient's heartwarming story, the extended clinical shadowing experience offered by the AP provides fantastic opportunities for prospective health students in a variety of interests. I am very glad to have had the chance to broaden my medical and cultural horizons with the Atlantis Project before beginning medical school.