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Merit Scholar Profiles: Katarina Chapa

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Guadalajara, Spain - 2016


Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi class of 2018


Biomedical Sciences

Future Plans:

I plan to take a gap year to travel and get more research experience. Then I hope to return to my hometown and attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine. My goal is to work to reduce the prevalence of diabetes in the area. 


Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi Outstanding Islander, Islander Cultural Alliance MLK Service Award Recipient, Sigma Alpha Pi Global Leader Award Recipient, Sigma Alpha Pi Society State of Mind Award Recipient


Community Service Co-Chair of The National Society of Leadership and Success, Service Events Committee for the Student Volunteer Connection, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Resident Advisor

why did you choose the atlantis project?

Since other study abroad opportunities are not often catered to pre-medical students, I chose the Atlantis Project. With many dates offered all throughout the year to chose from, I was able to fit this program into my winter break, which is one of the only times throughout the year that I am not taking classes and able to travel.


Phenomenal. Worthwhile. Inspiring.

Why should other pre-meds do the atlantis fellowship?

Your time as an undergraduate is one of the easiest times to travel abroad. The Atlantis Project will give you the opportunity to travel with purpose. If you're interested in the medical field, or still not sure, this program will give you the chance to really determine whether the medical field is something for you. Aside from the great shadowing experience, you will also get to learn about the wonderful culture of your location. This is an opportunity you will not regret. 

how did the atlantis project impact your perspective on the medical field? 

By shadowing medical doctors in Spain, the Atlantis Project offered me a completely different perspective of the medical field. Doctors in Spain have to go through extensive schooling just like in America, but do not get paid nearly as much. For this reason, I think doctors in Spain have to be truly passionate about medicine to go into this field. After shadowing doctors in hospital setting, it is very evident that these doctors love what they do and the impact they make in the lives of their patients. Rarely pressed for time, the doctors took their time treating their patients to ensure their overall well-being. My time in Spain offered me an insight into the different methods of treating patients. I hope that I can implement this holistic approach into my future career as a medical doctor.