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The Atlantis Fellowship is America's premier study abroad program for pre-med and med students.

Our program gives your son or daughter the opportunity to deepen their understanding of international healthcare, experience life in a global hospital alongside a doctor, and prepare for graduate applications. In addition our Fellows will grow through experiencing the culture and local customs of their Fellowship location. The Fellowship also has personal benefits, and every year we see students in our programs improving language skills, developing life-long friendships, increasing self-confidence, and expanding their worldview through exposure to new places and people. Our Washington, D.C., team focuses solely on pre-med study abroad, making us the largest specialized pre-med study abroad program in the United States. 

Education & Value

Healthcare professional focus. Our team's first concern is building programs that contribute to the healthcare professional path of Atlantis Fellows. Many study abroad organizations are primarily about culture and travel; although we also care about these, our focus is healthcare education. Our alumni leave the Atlantis Project with a new passion for healthcare, a deeper understanding of global medicine, and lifelong connections with international doctors other future medical professionals. This is why, although most students apply directly, universities also partner with us, trusting us with their pre-med students.

Med school applications. By participating in an Atlantis Fellowship, students spend dozens of hours shadowing doctors in multiple specialties in hospitals abroad. This high level of medical exposure affords students the opportunity to view medicine in action and guides them in their decision to continue to pursue medicine as a vocation. Most alumni leverage their Atlantis Fellowship experience for medical school application essays and interviews, and our alumni have gone on to enter some of the most prestigious medical programs in the United States. In addition to providing the shadowing experience that proves a commitment to the profession, the Atlantis Fellowship helps students improve their med school applications through research, service learning, public health, MCAT, app-prep, and other programming.

Value. Atlantis Fellowships run during winter and summer university breaks so that Fellows do not miss important pre-requisite classes that are a part of their pre-med track. The cost of an Atlantis Fellowship is comparable with, or less expensive than, most study abroad programs. An Atlantis Fellowship provides pre-med students limitless value through in-depth hospital experiences, volunteer opportunities, and cultural immersion. Medical school tuition in the United States averages about $50,000/year. After four years, the total cost is in the range of $200,000. We think it is of utmost importance that future medical students are absolutely certain that medicine is the right vocation for them. The Atlantis Fellowship addresses this directly by allowing students to shadow physicians, to see firsthand what the profession looks like, and to determine whether the future costs of medical school tuition are worth their while. But even if your student is certain of his or her path, we help make it a reality.


Most of our programs take place in developed countries. We enroll all our students in HTH Worldwide health insurance. Take a look at What To Do If You Get Sick While Traveling. For location-specific health, and more information on required vaccines for any given location, visit


We consider safety when choosing program locations, and our Fellowships generally take place in countries broadly known as safe. Although we cannot guarantee student safety, we encourage students to follow safety precautions. To follow safety and security information, check out the Department of State’s website. Both students and parents are strongly advised to sign up for the free Smart Traveler’s Enrollment Program (STEP), administered by the U.S. Department of State. The STEP program will keep you informed about your student’s destination, wherever they are in the world.

On Site Team.

We have staff on the ground at every single placement. These Site Managers are there to make sure that the programs run smoothly;  Fellows are properly placed in their hospital rotations; and any problems that Fellows may have are quickly addressed. Your student may also contact his/her Admissions Coordinator in Washington, D.C. throughout the course of his or her Fellowship. We are always here to help.

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