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Program Locations

The Atlantis Project partners with local hospitals in Europe and South America. We partner with hospitals in cities and communities that enable our students to have the best possible pre-med abroad experience. Our host sites have vibrant local cultures, rich cuisines and breathtaking natural landscapes. We generally work with publicly-funded healthcare systems, which we believe give our students a unique, comparative opportunity to understand healthcare in the United States. Students will have the option to choose their program location and dates after they have been successfully admitted into the Atlantis Fellowship. 











South America:



Admissions are rolling, but placements are filling quickly.

"If you are considering medicine, the Atlantis Project is one of the best experiences you can have to prepare yourself for a field that requires much more than just years of schooling. I have never had a more in-depth look into medicine, and in some ways I have also never had a more adventurous and exciting experience as I did with the Atlantis Project."

-  Merissa Maccani, University of Michigan



"It's one thing to earn a high GPA, fulfill prerequisites and score well on the MCAT and (later) the board exams. And yet it's quite another to translate academic prowess into a career that can truly benefit patients - a conviction I acquired wholeheartedly during my time with the Atlantis Project."

- Joseph Tang, University of Notre Dame