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2018 Programs

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Which program should I consider?

The Atlantis Fellowship programs vary in focus (clinical vs. MCAT), location, start date, and length. If you are unsure which program is the best for you to consider applying to, please consult with our Admissions team by contacting them here. Below is a quick cheat sheet for you to see the differences: 

  • Atlantis Clinical: designed for students who want an intensive shadowing program with at least 20 hours per week rotating through observation placements in an international hospital. 
  • Atlantis Service-Learning: designed for students interests
  • Atlantis Research:
  • Atlantis Public Health:
  • Atlantis MCAT: designed for pre-med students who 
  • Atlantis Admit: designed for pre-med students who are preparing medical school applications and would like intensive consulting and preparation as well as a global health experience.
  • Atlantis M.D.: designed for M.D. candidates who want to explore global and comparative healthcare with other M.D. candidates from across the United States.
  • Atlantis Winter: designed for students who cannot join on one of our longer summer placements and decide instead to attend in the winter break period.


Program Fee.

For accepted applicants, the one-time enrollment fee for the Atlantis Clinical Fellowship is 900 USD. This fee reserves your spot and your housing. It is nonrefundable. The separate program fee ranges from 3520 to 8420 depending on length of program. For funding and scholarship help, please view this page and talk to our Admissions team after applying.