Job description

Company: Atlantis Project (AP). The AP is a leading education-abroad provider based in Washington D.C., USA. We are a dynamic and mission-driven education company that runs short-term hospital observation programs (Fellowships) for American undergraduate pre-med/pre-health students. Our students, called Fellows, travel to locations around the globe during college breaks, observe and follow doctors in local hospitals, and support the host communities. For more information on our programs see our website at

Job: The AP is looking for a Site Coordinator to manage programs for a group of Fellows observing in a hospital in one of different sites in Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia) and South America (Ecuador, Uruguay) for May-1, 2017 to August-30, 2017 (these dates may change slightly, depending on program location). We will try to place the Site Coordinator according to their preference, but we cannot guarantee this.

The Site Coordinator will also take part in a two-week training course that will take place in early April. Any costs associated with training course will be covered by Atlantis Project, but Site Coordinator will not begin work until May-1. Upon successful completion of winter program, Site Coordinator will be strongly considered for subsequent projects. Typically the work requires 30-45 hours/week.

Role & Objectives: Provide support to US and Global Atlantis Project team in relation to:
Coordination: Manage a group of AP Fellows. Participate in the training that fellows receive before joining the hospitals. Oversee groups and safety day-to-day, be available 24/7.

Logistics management & coordination: Organize travel, housing, group meals, & local transport procedures for Fellows. Manage purchasing and remit expense reports.

Information: Maintain flow of Coordination and Logistics information with USA and Global Programs Team. Regular reports on improvable aspects of logistics and daily activities.

Required Candidate Profile:

Must have attained a bachelor’s or equivalent university degree with good marks.

Must have excellent organization, interpersonal and time management skills

Must have excellent character, be trustworthy, and easy to work across cultures

Must be fluent in English and local site language, written and verbal.

We prefer at least 2 years of work experience (and Student Programs and Operation roles are preferred).

We prefer, but do not require, basic proficiency in Microsoft and Google software (Excel, Gmail, etc).

Terms, Compensation, & Other Benefits: The work typically requires 30-45 hours/week, but will depend on project location and experience of Site Coordinators. Unpaid training session begins, tentatively, early April and official employment begins on May 1, 2017. Employee is expected to work in the assigned site during the entire program period. Project compensation is $1,500 USD/Month. Coordinator may earn performance bonus up to $200 USD/Month (depending on results). Company will assist with self-employment fees up to $300 USD/Month as well as provide Coordinator with housing relocation stipend of $200 USD/Month if need is demonstrated for either. No vacation time is granted as the work is project-related and temporary
To apply: Please go to the following website:

We will begin the selection process very soon. Incomplete applications will not be considered.