Experience life in a global hospital shadowing doctors for 20+ hours a week this summer break.

10 Reasons to Do a Summer Fellowship Abroad

Clinical Experience (Shadowing)
Students spend 20+ hours/week shadowing doctors, rotating through specialties. This high level of medical exposure lets students view medicine in action and fulfills the “clinical experience” requirement that med schools have on their “checklist”.
Many of our Fellowship programs offer MCAT prep courses for an affordable price.
Peer and Doctor Network
Build lasting friendships + professional relationships with pre-meds from other schools. Also, build long-lasting professional links to doctors/hospitals abroad.
Advice from All-Star MD students
Some of our Fellowship programs provide pre-med mentoring from MD students at top 10 med schools. They advise on the app process, pre-med life, and medical school.
Statement + Interview (part of med school application)
By providing lots of experience, the Fellowship gives unique material to write a statement/story. It also allows students to show devotion to medicine. Fellows are well-prepared to speak convincingly about medicine in their interviews.
Exciting Locations, Local Culture, Delicious Food, Hiking and Exploration, Unique Adventures and Activities.
Are You Sure About Med School?
After tons of shadowing you will come home with a vivid picture of what life as a doctor looks like. Through experiencing the differences/similarities between U.S. and foreign healthcare, Fellows distinguish the areas of overlap in these systems, clarifying the essential elements of medicine / the physician’s role.
During breaks, not semesters
We do winter and summer, not semester. Most pre-meds don’t like semester study abroad. Why? Grades matter too much to have an entire semester spent taking not-so-relevant classes abroad.
In some locations Fellows can do medical research. Some Fellows can even then contribute to medical research papers. At an absolute minimum: write article for the college newspaper/publication.
Be a Thought Leader on Policy
Most Fellowships happen at government-run hospitals (aka “single payer systems”). The US has gone in that direction recently. Fellows see the pros/ cons of government-run healthcare. Few med students can talk about government-run systems in their med school--a place where such debates happen frequently.
Begin Your Journey

"The Atlantis Project unites clinical observation, volunteering opportunity, and international exploration into a single entity. Both the medical and exploratory aspects of the Atlantis Project, if they were separate, would warrant an ardent pursuit. When combined, they create an opportunity unlike any other."

- George Bugarinovic, Harvard MD '20


"Serving as an Atlantis Fellow enabled me to learn on-the-ground about the important topic of universal health care in developed countries, as well as witness exciting medical procedures. The physicians and other medical staff I worked with were very kind and enjoyable to work with."

- Rubini Naidu, Carnegie Mellon '16


"The specialties I shadowed were geriatrics, pulmonology, and intensive care. Moreover, shadowing physician-patient interactions in Spanish was a chance to improve my grasp of Spanish medical terminology"

- Ali Khan, University of Rochester '16