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Pre-med? Apply today for our intensive summer shadowing program in European or South American hospitals. 

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

 shadow doctors.

Medicine is a vocation. In order to more fully understand that vocation before committing to medical school, pre-med students should be exposed to the practice of medicine as often as possible. By participating in an Atlantis Fellowship, students spend 20+ hours per week shadowing doctors in multiple specialties in hospitals abroad. This high level of medical exposure affords students the opportunity to view medicine in action and guides them in their decision to continue to pursue medicine as a vocation.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

stand out on your application.

Medical schools naturally prefer to accept students who have demonstrated a devotion to the medical field as well as an understanding of what life as a physician entails. One of the best ways that students can demonstrate this devotion and understanding is to shadow doctors. In addition to providing the shadowing experience that proves a commitment to the profession, the Atlantis Fellowship helps students improve their med school applications through extra opportunities such as volunteering, medical humanities research, and MCAT and AMCAS prep.


Jessica Hospital5.jpg

learn abroad.

Atlantis Fellows live and learn in new locations, growing in their understanding of other cultures. Through experiencing the differences between U.S. and international healthcare, Fellows distinguish the areas of overlap in these healthcare systems, clarifying the essential elements of medicine and the physician’s role. Finally, since most Atlantis Fellowship programs are hosted at government-run hospitals, students see firsthand the pros and cons of government-run healthcare and are prepared to participate effectively in the debate surrounding the role of government in U.S. healthcare.

Who we are:

The Atlantis Project is based in Washington, D.C. Since 2007, we have built AAMC-compliant shadowing programs with dozens of hospitals worldwide. Our alumni hail from over 200 American universities.

We look for pre-meds who are passionate about pursuing their vocation for medicine and healthcare.


"Joining the Atlantis Project was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It was definitely a life-changing experience and one that I have consistently talked about in my medical school essays and interviews. This trip was one that I will surely never forget.”

 Jessica Sheu
Rice University '16

"The trek into medicine can be an arduous undertaking. The distinctive experience offered by the Atlantis Project can serve to validate and invigorate your desire to enter the medical field. Both the medical and exploratory aspects of the Atlantis Project, if they were separate, would warrant an ardent pursuit. When combined, they create an opportunity unlike any other."

George Bugarinovic, Johns Hopkins '15
Harvard Medical School MD '20