Shadow doctors for 20+ hours a week in Spain, Italy, Greece, South America, and other locations.

1-8 week Fellowships during winter, spring, or summer breaks.

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2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

A Trusted Partner.

Since 2007, we have collaborated with hundreds of doctors at dozens of international hospitals to enable shadowing opportunities for students from over 200 American universities. The Atlantis Project is leading the way for undergraduate international healthcare education.

2014 Fellows, Canary Islands, Spain.

Prepare for medical school admissions.

Students grow in their understanding of healthcare and the medical vocation in general. Extensive observation of physician to patient interaction allows students to gain confidence in a hospital setting. In addition, students have access to volunteering, MCAT and AMCAS preparation resources, and research opportunities in the medical humanities. 

2014 Fellows, Azores Islands, Portugal.

Intensive shadowing abroad

Shadowing in the US is difficult to arrange and simultaneously essential for pre-meds. Even when secured, US shadowing can be of poor quality. Furthermore, pre-meds should understand healthcare in a global context to broaden their horizons and expand their perspective as a physician.

Boost Your Med School Resume


"I have been hitting medical interviews hard since August and have yet to go through an interview without mentioning my Fellowship experience through the Atlantis Project in Albacete, Spain."

Ally Limmer, Rhodes College '15
MD candidate Houston McGovern Medical School (University of Texas)


"The trek into medicine can be an arduous undertaking. The distinctive experience offered by the Atlantis Project can serve to validate and invigorate your desire to enter the medical field. Both the medical and exploratory aspects of the Atlantis Project, if they were separate, would warrant an ardent pursuit. When combined, they create an opportunity unlike any other."

George Bugarinovic, Johns Hopkins University '15
MD candidate Harvard Medical School


"The Atlantis Project is an opportunity of a lifetime that enriches your understanding of medicine, history, culture, and language. The knowledge and skills you will gain during your time in AP are invaluable in preparing you for a successful career as a physician."

Selena Pasadyn, Harvard University '15
MD candidate Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (Case Western)

We look for students who are passionate about deepening their vocation for medicine and healthcare.

Admissions are rolling, but placements are limited.


"This program gave me the chance to experience an entirely different culture while learning about medicine from incredibly talented doctors. I was able to shadow doctors from specialties all throughout the hospital, and each one went out of their way to explain things to me and answer my many questions. It was an amazing experience, and I learned so much in the four weeks I spent in Spain - about medicine, about the different healthcare systems, and about myself."

- Anh Huynh, University of California, Los Angeles '16

"My experience in Spain with the Atlantis Project further instilled within me the importance of studying medicine cross-culturally. I'm glad I got to learn medicine from a different perspective from the doctors I got to shadow, but at the same time exchange with them how my aspirations to become a physician is intertwined with my identity as a first-generation, low-income minority in the U.S. "

- Gabriel Reyes, Brown University '18

"Please, please, please consider this awesome experience because I can honestly say that this changed my life. I have never had so much fun while learning so much, and I formed friendships with doctors, fellows, and coordinators that will last a lifetime."

- Natasha Jackson, Syracuse University  '19

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Admissions are rolling, but placements are limited.